About Elk County


Located in the Pennsylvania Wilds, the county is known for is natural beauty. The county is home to one of the only wild elk herds east of the Mississippi River.

Historic Postcard of Ridgway, PA
A tree graph of employment by sector in Elk County, PA.
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Elk County, PA has long been known for its manufacturing prowess and production occupations remain the most common job category (2,872 people). Recent economic diversification has led to newer occupation growth including healthcare (1,757), sales & related occupations (1,602 people), material moving (1,542 people), and education (560).


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The Borough of Ridgway Seal

Ridgway, PA

Ridgway was founded by shipping merchant Jacob Ridgway and James Gillis. In the late 19th century, the lucrative logging lumber industry helped the town expand. It is currently the county seat of Elk County and contains a vibrant main street filled with stores and restaurants. The Clarion River runs through the town brining outdoor adventures.

Saint Marys, PA

Founded in 1842 by a group of Bavarian Roman Catholics, Saint Marys was home to the first Benedictine convent in the United States. It has a long history of manufacturing and is known for its carbon and powdered metal industries. It is home to Straub Brewery which has been in operation since 1872.

Flag of Saint Marys, PA

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